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For Genie Models 3024/4024/7030/8030; IntelliG100,/1200,Odyssey 1200, Destiny 1500Chain and Belt Drive Garage Door OpenersGenie/ Overhead Door DC Optical Encoder Assembly

Screw Drive Controller Board Replaces 34019R or 34019R.S For PRO 99, CMD9900,H800,IDS SERIES 4560,OVERRIDE PRO 990Prowermax Retail 4060L 

Circuit board for Chain Glide openers that have 3 terminals strip. Replace your circuit board to get your garage door opener working properly again. Genie Replacement Part Replacement models:  IC250/B, GCG350L, PMX300-IC/B, PMX500-IC/B, PMX

Non-Configured circuit board for screw drive models. Replace your old circuit board to get your garage door opener working properly again. Compatible with models 3062 and 3064Genuine Genie Replacement Requires Re- Programming of new circuit boar

Circuit board for chain and belt drive model opener.Replace your old circuit board to get your garage door opener working properly againCompatible with model 1028  Genuine Genie replacement part   Requires re-programming with the new board 

Circuit Board for chain and belt drive models. Genie has updated this model # 36448A but be assured that it is safe to use on you devices listed below. Please note: While the circuit board you receive will be compatible with the opener model numbers liste

LED Light Bulb. 60W equivalent. 800 Lumens, "Warm" Brightness. LED81-R.Radio Frequency friendly; No interference with most garage door openers. Rated for 25000 hours. Vibration resistance, cold weather & damp location rated. 

Genie garage door opener sequencer board Compatible with ALL 1997-up Genie intellicode Screw Drive garage door opener operators Compatible with operator models PRO 95,CM8600,CM7600,IS550,Series II, ISL950A

Safe-T-Beam Photo Eye Kit Series III; includes infrared eyes, brackets, bell wire and hardware and installation instructions. All Genie series III & older intellicode operator systems. 

This 14 Tooth Belt Sprocket sits on top of the power head. This belt drive sprocket grips on the belt so it can stay on its tracks.  This part will allow you to quickly replace your old sprocket to get your opener back up and running smoothly.  

Genie 25605R Chain Drive Carriage Inner Slide   Direct replacement with all Genie Chain Drive Openers with Steel T-Rail Assemblies   Genie IC250Genuine Genie replacement part 

Intellicode receiver circuit board that works with AC Screw Drive model garage door openers. This receiver board controls the wireless devices that work with the opener. Replace your old circuit board to get your garage door opener working properly again.

For Genie Models 1028/2028/2029; ReliaG650/850, Legancy 650/850Genie Replacement 

For Genie PRO99,CMD9900,ISD 990-1/990-2/1000-2Shutter for internal optical sensor 2-1/16" dia, 9/16" deep, 7/ 16" shutter, 3/8" partial hole 

Opto- Luctor Assembly For Genie Pro99, CMD9900,ISD990 -1/990-2/1000-2Shutter for internal optical sensor2-1/16"dia, deep, 7/16" shutter, 3/8 partial hole 

Clip on type 1/2 HP date Code 21 04 and later AC Screw Drive 

AC Screw Drive, Screw Drive typeFor units 95,8600,7600,G-CI,IS,1-9/16" dia 11/16"deep,,9/16" shutter, 1/8" hole 

Genie Chain Glide carriage replacement kit for door openers with a standard rail assembly   Includes 20466R Carriage, 33677A Inner Slide, Master Link and Instructions   Compatible with Genie Garage Door Opener models PCG400, PCG450, PCG600, and

This replacement part is compatible to work for Genie chain drive operators. Replace your damaged or brokern pully had have you opener working properly again.Compatible with Models  PPMX 300 IC/A, PMX 500 IC/A, PMX 300 IC/B, PMX 500 IC/B, IC250, IC25

Having trouble opening and closing your garage door. Is your garage door opener working properly but doesn't seem to open quiet right. It might be your carriage assembly. The assembly is connected to the garage door openers rail. If your garage door opene

Replacement Coupler 2011 and New Models Screw Drive Model Number: 36645R.S

For Clutchless Screw Drive Openers ProMax Series, Pro 99, Pro 9900 Genie