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The Genie GIRUD-1T Universal Dual Frequency Conversion Kit alleviates issues with frequency from the Land Mobile Radio communications system recently implemented by the Dept. of Homeland Security. This conversion kit will work on any garage door

Three-function wall console with backlit panel that is easy to locate in the dark.

Genie GBWX-BX Wall Console for IntelliG and TriloG systems only.  Series 3 accessory only.

Intelligent Wall Console GIWC-BX 625-G-GN-BX is required for the console to connect to the operator Monitors performance & provides status of garage door & opener Backlit LCD touch screen for easy access to program & retrieve information.

Function Meets Style. Give your garage the style it's been missing with the LiftMaster Ceiling Mount.

Are you always on the go? Our mini 3-button remote control is a miniature version of our 3-button remote control, and just as powerful. It can open and close 3 garage doors or gates, turn opener lights on/off, and/or turn on lights and small appliances

The LM basic single-button remote control isn't so basic. It can operate a single garage door or gate, or turn your garage door opener lights on/off. You can also use it as an extra remote control to turn on lights or small appliances inside your home –

The Mini Universal Remote Control is compact and portable making getting in and out of your garage or gate quick and easy – no matter what you’re doing.

The Universal Remote Control is compatible with most major brands of garage door openers, gate operators, and commercial door operators. It delivers the latest in security and performance, and provides a convenient, cost effective way to consolidate the

Access your garage and home without the use of a key or a remote control. The LiftMaster® Security+® Wireless Keyless Entry can open your garage door using a code that you program directly into the unit. There is also a temporary password option that

Specifically designed for those who want an extra control panel in the garage, the LiftMaster® Wireless Secondary Control Panel can open and close up to two garage doors, turn opener lights on/off, and can be installed anywhere in the garage that is in

Brighten up a dark garage or workspace with the LiftMaster® Remote Light. Made exclusively for use with the Residential Jackshaft Opener (model 3800), this remote light works just like a traditional garage door opener light, but can be positioned on the

If you need to replace a damaged or non-functioning keyless entry, or just want to complement your existing garage access system, the LiftMaster® Universal Keyless Entry is the perfect single-source solution. It is designed to work with a variety of

Control your garage door and opener lights with the LiftMaster® Multi-Function Control Panel. It can turn opener lights on/off from inside the garage, and includes an adjustable light timer and illuminated push button for added convenience. And as with

Imagine receiving an alert if you left your garage open. Or being able to turn on your lights when you’re not home. The LiftMaster® 821LM MyQ Garage does this by letting you monitor, open and close your garage door from anywhere and control home

Operate any lamp with your garage door opener remote control or from your smartphone when connected through the LiftMaster® Internet Gateway.

LiftMaster’s revolutionary new accessory features built-in MyQ™ technology that connects to the Internet and allows you to monitor and operate your garage door from anywhere in the world via your smartphone or computer.

Monitor and close up to four garage doors or gates from any room inside your house. Compatible with MyQ®-enabled garage door opener or MyQ Control Panel.

The LiftMaster 877LM features Security+ 2.0 rolling code technology which changes the code sent to your garage door opener with every use. Compatible with LiftMaster models.

Open or close the garage door instantly with a private 4-digit code. Program temporary access codes for visitors or delivery and service personnel. Works with LiftMaster® garage door openers manufactured since January 1993. One button-to-close feature

This motion-detecting control panel turns on the garage door opener lights as soon as you walk in and is also equipped with a timer-to-close so the door automatically closes after a pre-programmed number of minutes, making it easy when you unload your

Seamless Control. Seamless Integration. Gone are the days of wondering if you put the door down or worrying over the kids forgetting their keys. Now, any LiftMaster® garage door opener manufactured since 1998 can be controlled with your smartphone,

If you're always on the go, this mini remote control will go right with you. It can easily fit on a keychain, in your purse, or in your pocket.

The Single Remote Control Solution for Gated Communities .  The LiftMaster® 2-Button Learning Remote Control (892LT) and 4-Button Learning Remote Control (894LT) deliver best-in-class performance and security. They are designed specifically to

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