Custom Wood Garage Door

Pena SKU: GENESIS Custom Wood

The Genesis Custom Wood Garage Door contains superior design and quality capable of making your home look beautiful whilst adding value. 

Product Details

Product Details

  • Handcrafted construction 4-5 Layers (2-3/4" Thick) 
  • Optional decorative hardware 
  • Wood Species: Paint Grade, Western Red Cedar or Mahogany 
  • Wood Type: Paint-grade or Stain-grade 
  • Wood Color: Unfinished 
  • Glass Type: Single Pane Clear (1/8" Thick) 
  • Custom Capabilities: Size, Glass  
  • Warranty: All Lux Custom Wood Garage Door Series including their hardware are warranted for 1-year. 
  • Energy-efficient insulation which is applied using Polystyrene Insulation in the back of the wood panel 
  • Packaging: Loose
Track and Hardware Details:
Track and Hardware Details:
  • Spring Type: Torsion, Oil Spring 
  • Track Size: 2" Flag & Jamb Bracket Jambs 
  • Track Mount: Bracket 
  • Track Lift: Standard (High Lift or Low-Lift available) 
  • Track Radius: 12" or 15" 
  • Packaging: Loose 
  • Rollers: Heavy-duty steel ball bearing rollers with nylon tires provide quiet operation 
  • No lock hole

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