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Traditional Iron Flat end Hinge with spear. Comes in a choice of colors. 

Traditional Iron Spear End Hinge. Comes in a choice of colors. 

16" Traditional Iron Bean end hinge.Comes in a choice of colors. 

Cast iron rustic solid flat end hinge.  Fasteners sold separately. 

American Garage Decor Authentic Wrought Iron, carriage house look. Light weight does not alter spring, durable completely UV stable. It is unaffected by salt spray, environmental chemicals,or extreme hot or cold temperature exposure. Made in the USA.

Cast iron colonial style hinge in packs of 2. Fasteners sold separately. .25" Thick

With well-chosen pieces of decorative hardware, a garage can become a major factor in the overall design and aesthetic of your home. Transform your garage door into an expression of your personal style with a beautiful decorative hardware piece from Pena Garage Doors online store.

We offer a wide range of artisan and commercial grade decorative hardware that will suit all garage door styles and designs.