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The Carriage House Americana Hardware Kit comes with a complete set of 16" Hinges, lift handles and all screws and fasteners necessary for installation. It is a stamped steel hardware kit great for all garage door transformations. Transform your garage

Carriage House Hardware Kits. Americana Spear end collection stamped steel comes with a complete set of Hinges, Pull handles, screws and fasteners. 

Americana Colonial Bean Collection. Comes in a choice of 2 sizes a complete set of 4 Hinges and 2 sets of Pull Handles. Includes the bolts and fasteners. This decorative hardware creates a curb appeal to any garage door. 

Stamped Steel Bean end Hardware. Americana Colonial bean collection. Comes in a compete kit. Changes the look of any garage door and creates a beautiful finish. Kit includes 4 sets of hinges, 2 lift pulls and complete set of fasteners and bolts. 

Americana Spear End Hardware Kit  includes 4 Spear End style 16" hinges, 2 Ring Pulls, and complete set of all screws and fasteners needed for installation. Perfect for all garage doors. Transforms your door into a stylish finish. 

American Garage Decor. Carriage house look, wrought iron a true blacksmith work. Light weight does not alter spring weight of the door. Durable and will not rust ideal for wood or steel doors, in any environment. Included 4 16" Hinges, 2 pull handles,

With well-chosen pieces of decorative hardware, a garage can become a major factor in the overall design and aesthetic of your home. Transform your garage door into an expression of your personal style with a beautiful decorative hardware piece from Pena Garage Doors online store.

We offer a wide range of artisan and commercial grade decorative hardware that will suit all garage door styles and designs.