My Garage Door won’t stay Closed

There really is nothing more useless than having a garage door that won’t close! The whole purpose of your garage door is to open and close - So when you find that it ceases to do this, you are suddenly jolted into worrying about something that, until that point you had most likely taken for granted.

What to do? Well firstly, don’t panic. Yes, you could discover this major malfunction upon arriving home late one evening and begin to worry that what was once an impressive security feature to your home is now a beacon of invitation to all those who might want to gain entry for not so neighborly purposes. Or maybe you can’t park your car anywhere else and so are in a sticky situation? Whilst these are real and distressing concerns, you can try to calm yourself by remembering that in this non stop modern age there are many 24 hour garage door service providers who can offer professional help pretty much whenever you need it. 

But let’s say you discover your door isn’t closing and have the liberty to further delve into reasons why it may be acting up before you make that call to the garage door technician. Well that is where this article can help, so read on and discover more about why your garage door won’t stay closed. 

3 Simple Reasons why My Garage Door Won’t Close all the Way

As with everything in life there is always a reason for something. A garage door door that won’t close all the way is no different, there is always a cause to why it doesn’t shut (or open for that matter). The tricky bit is trying to find out that reason and then fixing it, permanently. Whilst the easiest and most effective way to do this is by immediately calling in a professional garage door technician you can also do a simple inspection for yourself. 

These 3 simple checks below can be done quickly, and may even help clear up your non closing door problem (which would be great!):

Limits - The limits in the garage door opener tell it when the door is open all the way and also when closed all the way. If these are in anyway off, then you will find the door can hit the floor and open right up again or even close before getting to the floor thinking it is already there. If you have your garage door opener manual you can make adjustments to get the limits balanced and working normally again.

Tracks - There are many potential problems that can be had with your garage door tracks, and more often than not you will need a professional to help repair them. However a cursory check of the rollers or tracks can be useful to see if they are blocked by debris or objects of any sort. If there are any obvious obstructions they can usually be cleaned up pretty quickly and then hopefully your garage door will close fully again.

Sensors - The garage door safety sensor is an extremely important part of your opening system. If the sensors are not aligned properly (or their constant beam is blocked) you will find that they will automatically do their job and keep opening the garage door. This is reassuring from a safety point of view yet very frustrating for normal operations. A quick check can tell you if they aligned and have a clear line of sight to each other.

Keep your Door Closing Properly with Regularly Maintenance

Another way to make sure you keep your garage door closing properly is with a regular maintenance routine that you may feel confident enough to perform yourself or just call in a technician to perform. If this idea sounds a little funny to you (afterall it is just a garage door, no?), then think about your car and how you get an oil change on a regular basis to keep it running optimally... Servicing your garage door is pretty much the same sort of thing.

Whilst only you know how much your garage door is used, it is generally advised that a once a year maintenance check/service will suffice for garages that encounter everyday usage. If you use a professional technician for this service they will do a thorough inspection whilst also performing small tune ups such as adding lube to the rollers (if needed) or tightening screws that are just beginning to get lose, etc...

Our Qualified Garage Door Technicians can help Close Your Door

Whilst we have touched upon some of the more obvious reasons your garage door won’t close, there are so many different possibilities that it would take an absolute DIY legend to work through each and every one. As we mentioned earlier on, the best way to ensure your garage door stays closed properly is by calling in the professionals!

Here at the Pena Garage Door company we offer same day service throughout the greater Los Angeles area and can help with any sort of opening and closing problem you have with your garage. We also offer thorough service and maintenance options that can ensure you never get to the point of not being able to close your garage safely and securely.

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