Installing a Modern Garage Door in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has experienced a massive surge in real estate value over the last two decades. With this upswing in property prices has also come a mass of home construction such as remodeling and new house building. 

With equity value doubling, tripling or even more in many areas around LA, it should come as no surprise that home owners all over the city are turning to home improvement projects in very high numbers. One of the more popular of these kind of projects is the installation of a new, modern garage door which can add instant curb appeal to just about any house, not to mention additional dollar value to the selling price.

Installation of these modern garage doors has never been easier, with a plethora of garage door companies operating in the greater Los Angeles area. To find out more about these companies and how to choose a reliable one you can read our earlier blog that gives you the low down on full service garage door firms all over the LA area.

What is a Modern Garage Door?

A modern garage door is pretty easy to spot! If you live in Los Angeles (not to mention anywhere else in these days of high property prices!) you’ll probably drive past a few fine examples every time you are driving in your car. Usually made of aluminium and glass they come in a variety of styles and colors and all give a sleek modern look to the garage area. 

Great examples of this sort of modern style include the more contemporary looking Black Aluminum & Black Laminate garage door. There is also the ultra modern looking Brushed Aluminum Modern Smooth model which has a real one of a kind space age look. Very smooth with no texture, this shiny metal door really does look like no other.

Both of these styles can instantly change the entire look of a home with their unique styling, giving a house an instant refresh that can add real value both aesthetically and financially. But what is the most common style of a modern garage door around the greater Los Angeles area? Read on to find out!

Aluminum Garage Door with Frosted Glass Windows

The number one selling (and most commonly visible) style of modern garage door you can find in LA is the aluminum and frosted glass windows model. This contemporary designed door can completely transform the way your home looks, modernising it in an instant. The delicate but sturdy doors can be opened with the click of a button serving as a stunning partition between indoor and outdoor living spaces as they allow traffic to flow effortlessly through the biggest entrance to your home.

This ubiquitous style of door has completely taken over certain neighborhoods in LA, especially on the westside of the city in areas such as Venice, Mar Vista, Santa Monica and beyond. With such enthusiasm for combining inside and outside living, it is also becoming popular to install these doors with clear glass in lieu of a wall. Imagine such a panoramic view of your garden from the inside, whilst with a flick of a button you can open it up and have a seamless inside/outside living space to enjoy the Southern Californian weather.

Getting Your Modern Aluminum Garage Door Installed by Pena

Are you seriously considering installing a modern aluminum garage door? Do you reside in the greater Los Angeles area? If you answered yes to these questions please read on and discover how we at the Pena Garage Door company can make your garage dreams come true at some of the best prices around LA.

What we promise and what we deliver are one and the same - Expert professional workmanship and unbeatable prices for all of your garage door installation needs. We have the most comprehensive list of modern designs and accessories. We also have a team of fully qualified and friendly technicians who will help you through every step of the installation.

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