Modern Garage Door Installation across West Los Angeles 

While West Los Angeles is an actual neighborhood within the city of LA, it makes up one part of the larger Westside region of LA county that also encompasses many other well-known neighborhoods. It is this larger region that is usually referred to as ‘The Westside’, ‘West LA’ or ‘West Los Angeles’.

Throughout this entire west centric metropolitan area of LA, the residential and commercial neighborhoods all hold real treasure troves of different garage door styles. From grand old traditional door designs to the nowadays ubiquitous modern garage door models, that are fast becoming the new garage norm all over the westside and beyond.

In the last decade West Los Angeles has seen property values explode with consistent gains year after year. This has fueled a real bonanza for construction companies with huge demand for house remodels, extensions and new home construction. And taking center stage within all of this building work is the desire to install, replace or upgrade the garage door into a sleek modern masterpiece of design.

Modern Door Designs for all types of West LA Homes and their Garages 

Modern Garage door designs come in all shapes and sizes, but when driving around the neighborhoods of West Los Angeles you begin to notice that the designs all follow an aesthetic that offers a sleek and timeless design. These doors are usually made from ultra-strong, corrosion-resistant aluminum frames (or frameless with a hidden aluminum carcass) and advanced light-filtering glass of various styles, such as tempered, frosted, tinted, etc. 

Because of the vast range of architectural and aesthetic demands put upon modern garage door installations in the westside, door designs have to pay attention to the smallest of details. This, of course, is good news to the customer, as it ends up giving more options to them. For example, you can choose from literally hundreds of powder coat color options for the aluminum frames, not to mention a variety of finishes such as bronze, or anodized styles.

However, you can also find modern garage doors in West LA made out of insulated steel or fiberglass. With double or triple layers within the door, you can often find an extra room or mass storage system behind these well-insulated doors, instead of the more traditional car storage. Fiberglass designs, on the other hand, offer a much more bespoke look for those requiring specific design specs. Light yet strong you can get fiberglass made garage doors that give the look of real wood (of almost any wood type and color you desire) yet with all the durability and strength of more man-made material.

West Los Angeles and Reputable Modern Garage Door Installers

Because of the sheer number of new garage doors being installed all over LA’s westside, finding a reputable modern garage door installer or installation company has never been more important. 

Modern garage door installation can be a complicated process and requires pinpoint accuracy and specific professional knowledge that only fully trained technicians are capable of. Choose the wrong person to install your garage door and it can quickly turn into a very expensive disaster, not to mention stressful experience.

We have written many professional blogs that can help make that decision easier for you, no matter what area you live in. We always tell potential customers that for every 30 minutes you spend researching you can potentially save yourself hours of cleaning up after making an ill-informed decision. 

If you live over on the west of Los Angeles (or any other part of greater LA!) and are looking to replace/upgrade your current garage or gate, do have a browse through our website to learn a little more about the entire process. Alternatively, you can just give our friendly team a call on (800) 960-7362 and get a no-pressure and totally free garage consultation.

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