The LiftMaster Garage Door Opening System

‘Trusted by millions of homes and businesses und the world’ LiftMaster is the most popular brand of garage door openers installed by professionals in the US garage door industry. There are over 4,000 dealers/installers across the country selling Liftmaster garage door opening systems and accessories, including us here at the Pena Garage Door Company.

As one of the leaders in residential and commercial access, LiftMaster designs and delivers the safest, smartest garage door solutions available. With Wall mount, belt or chain drive door opening systems that can be linked to their state of the art myQ access control system you will find it easy to secure and control your garage door from wherever you are.

How to get the best out of Your LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

To get the best out of your LiftMaster garage door opener you should always follow the manufacturer’s directions on their own products. If you go to their website you can easily find many tips that will help you use your LiftMaster opening system and accessories to their optimal levels.

One of their top tips is that you should always work with a qualified LiftMaster installer (like us!), because only garage door technicians who are qualified can offer you the best LiftMaster experience, with knowledge in things like:

Expert Recommendations - It is essential to get the best advice possible and find out exactly which garage door opener is right for you in regards to operational features. LiftMaster expects it’s installers to happily and professionally help narrow down your options to find the right opener for your home and lifestyle.

Worry-free Installation and Ongoing Service - As with all of our installation services, Pena will take care of everything for you when you buy your LiftMaster opening system from us. As suggested by LiftMaster, not only does this include initial installation, but also any future maintenance that may be needed. We take pride in adhering to LiftMasters philosophy of making sure a garage door is always working reliably and safely, year after year.

Safety Training and Professionalism - LiftMaster takes garage door safety extremely serious, and so do we! All LiftMaster garage door opener systems and accessories are certified in UL 325 compliance, the industry's highest safety standards for door and gate systems and they demand all certified installers (such as our experienced technicians) are trained accordingly.

The Most Advance Garage Door Openers Available

Pena stock LiftMaster because, as professionals, we know how well the brand works in the various garage set up situations we experience. But one of the best things about installing a LiftMaster garage door opening system is hearing the amazing feedback from our happy customers.

They are always so impressed by the qualities that a LiftMaster garage door opener brings to their garage. Strong, quiet, and versatile are not just buzz words that LiftMaster use on their website - Customers from all over Los Angeles have got the very best in smart home and security features that have not only simplified their lives, but also let them stay connected to their home when out and about.

A Whole Range of LiftMaster Openers

Here at the Pena Garage Door company we try to offer you a extensive range of LiftMaster garage door opener models, stocking many of their top selling opening systems such as the LiftMaster 8355W, 8550W and 8110 models.

From belt drive to chain, you will find that no matter the style of garage door opener you decided upon, the LiftMaster models will provide a quiet, smooth operation and will come equipped with a variety of features that were mentioned a the beginning of this article, such as Wi-Fi®, Security+ 2.0® and MyQ® Technology.

Are You Ready to Experience The LiftMaster Difference?

We hope that our appreciation for the LiftMaster brand has rubbed off on you a little by now, and you are thinking to yourself that perhaps now is the right time to install a LiftMaster garage door opening system. If so, then we would love to help you!

Call us today at (800) 960-7362 and speak to one of our friendly team members - Everyone at the Pena Garage Door Company is a qualified expert on Liftmaster and all the top brands of garage door opening systems - We look forward to talking to you!

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