Garage doors that don’t work properly not only pose major home security and property damage issues but also can be potential safety hazards.

Each year thousands of injuries from faulty garage doors are reported and many of these may be avoided with regular professional maintenance and a repair schedule. A few major issues that arise from Garage doors are: 

1. It won’t open or it’s noisy while opening

This is probably the most common issue which can be easily fixed by applying lubricant to reduce the friction on the chain or drive-screw operated garage doors. 

2. Cracks or Gaps on door

Sometimes due to the weather cracks form on the door. To keep these cracks from worsening we must apply a waterproof filler which will secure and reinforce the crack. If sealant has previously been applied, we recommend removing the prior sealant and filling it with a new waterproof/weatherproof sealant. 

3. Garage door opens slightly and immediately closes

When this occurs it’s likely that we must replace the springs at the top of the door.

4. Garage door remote broken

This is a common issue and usually is battery related, check that they are properly installed or need replacing. If this doesn’t work refer to the Manual or reach out to us.

5. Rust formation

Rust not only makes the Garage door look bad, but it compromises the doors ability in locking out external elements. Rust forms when iron gets excised to air and water for a long periods of time. To remove the rust, clean the area with dishwashing soap first then rub the rust with a cloth soaked in Vinegar (which is a natural rust dissolver). You must sand the rusted area and apply a fresh coat of primer and paint! 

Still having issues with your Garage Door?

Us at Penã Garage doors are fully committed to offering the best solutions for your garage door’s system. Don't hesitate to contact us.  We will come by immediately to do an inspection and diagnose the issue.  Below are some of the items we cover: Multi-Point Inspection

  • Broken Springs
  • Door Off Tracks
  • Cable Drums
  • Door Balance
  • Door Cables
  • Door Rollers
  • Torsion Springs
  • Center Bearing Plate
  • Side Bearing Plates
  • Backhangs Secure
  • Lubrication
  • Door Opener
  • Reinforcing Struts
  • Flag Brackets
  • Vertical Track Alighment
  • Horizontal Track Alignment
  • Section Hinges
  • Garage Door Header
  • Garage Door Jambs
  • Spring Pad
  • Torsion Shaft
  • Bottom Weatherseal
  • Fasteners Secure
  • Safety Reverse
  • Force Settings
  • Operator Motor
  • Trolley Rail
  • Limit Settings
  • J-Arm Mounting
  • Emergency Release
  • Photo Eye Sensors