Avoiding Costly Garage Door Repairs

We're all looking for ways to save money.  There are so many unforeseen expenses out there, it is impossible to avoid all of them, particularly when it comes to your home.  But if you pay close attention and plan ahead, you can avert many potential disasters. 

If you happen to be one of the lucky homeowners who bought your home with a high-quality and properly functioning garage door already installed, you're very fortunate. Garage door installation can be expensive, and many times new homeowners will need to purchase a replacement on their own.

But regardless of the situation, your garage door is used frequently, making repairs inevitable at some point during the life of your door. Since these repairs can easily put a dent in your finances, it is important to know how to avoid costly garage door repair situations whenever possible. We have listed some steps to take in order to help prepare you. 

Get a High-Quality Garage Door

There are two primary components that determine cost when it comes to your garage door:

  1. Garage door materials
  2. Quality garage door parts

One of the best ways to avoid garage door repair expenses is to purchase a high-quality door upfront. Hopefully, your home already has one, but if not, this is certainly a worthwhile investment. It is never fun to spend lots of money on your home, but a high-quality garage door made of top-notch materials can last for 25 years. If you opt to cut corners in effort to save money, the door may only last you 10, thus increasing the overall expenditure in the long run.

And a cheap door isn't the only potential problem. If your door is composed of cheap parts, they will break often and you will frequently need to replace them.  

Prioritize finding a company that can help you get the best door for your home and assist you in maintaining it.  It will serve you well over time. 

Perform Routine Garage Door Maintenance

If your garage door is new, it won’t need maintenance for awhile. But as the door undergoes constant daily use, the wear and tear on the parts begins to take its toll. Springs, cables and other garage door parts need replacing on a fairly regular basis.

If you pay attention to the condition of your door and perform routine inspections you can avoid a major expense further on down the road. For example, it is much cheaper to replace a cable or a broken spring than it is to fix a warping or bent garage door that resulted from a snapped cable or spring. Small maintenance checks along the way are worth it. Even something as simple as a yearly or bi-yearly tune up service can save you lots of money.

Address Garage Door Problems As They Arise

It is highly beneficial to address issues as they arise. Don't wait. Most people only want to fix their garage doors when major damage has occurred, or when the door simply doesn’t work at all. Not only does this lead to spending more on garage door repair, it can lead to other significant expenses as well.

When you think about it, your garage door is only used when you're moving. Which creates many potentials for damaging things like your car or the structure of your house if something goes wrong. If you wait until the door collapses, even if you are fortunate enough to remain unharmed, now you will have to pay for a whole new door and possibly your car as well.

If you notice an issue with your garage door, don’t hesitate to check it out and call a garage door repair specialist immediately. Are you hearing excessive or abnormal noises? Is the garage door shaking or having an issue going up or down? These are signs you may need to have some door repairs done and it is best to address these issues immediately.

Work With a Top-Notch Garage Door Company

When a garage door breaks or needs repair, many homeowners seek to do the repairs themselves. While in some instances, with experience, this might save money, generally it is best to work with an expert. Repairing a garage door is very dangerous and takes expert training and knowledge. Pena Garage Doors is highly skilled in all areas: garage door installation, garage door maintenance, garage door inspection, garage door repair and more.

If you are having any kind of issue don’t hesitate to call us or submit a request on our website and we will happily schedule a time to stop by your house and perform one of our multi-point inspections.

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