Challenges Garage Door Owners face during Winter

It is a luxurious feeling to open your garage door by simply clicking a button. In particular after a long day of work, it is rewarding to get in our home quickly and efficiently and be able to relax. We want to make sure that our garage door is working and that we don’t encounter an issue and are informed about how to fix it before it is too late and breaks! 

As we enter into the winter, there is a higher chance of encountering issues with Garage Doors due to the cold and damp air which causes a wet/icy connection and ruins the electric current operating the door.

After facing this struggle, it is imperative to call your Garage door Technician soon and not let time cause more problems than there was beforehand. Not only will you have a garage that doesn’t open and close when you need it to, but you can also cause larger problems such as tore coils, busted gears and even a rusted motor. 

Us at Penã Garage doors are fully committed to offering the best solutions for your garage door’s system.

Don't hesitate to contact us.  We will come by immediately to do an inspection and diagnose the issue.  Below are some of the items we cover: Multi-Point Inspection

  •  Broken Springs
  •  Door Off Tracks
  •  Cable Drums
  •  Door Balance
  •  Door Cables
  •  Door Rollers
  •  Torsion Springs
  •  Center Bearing Plate
  •  Side Bearing Plates
  •  Backhangs Secure
  •  Lubrication
  •  Door Opener
  •  Reinforcing Struts
  •  Flag Brackets
  •  Vertical Track Alighment
  •  Horizontal Track Alignment
  •  Section Hinges
  •  Garage Door Header
  •  Garage Door Jambs
  •  Spring Pad
  •  Torsion Shaft
  •  Bottom Weatherseal
  •  Fasteners Secure
  •  Safety Reverse
  •  Force Settings
  •  Operator Motor
  •  Trolley Rail
  •  Limit Settings
  •  J-Arm Mounting
  •  Emergency Release
  •  Photo Eye Sensors

We want to ensure this doesn’t occur and that our clients are aware of the threats the winter imposes on our garage doors. If you have any questions or would like to speak with us please give us a call and we will find a solution to your Garage Door.