The Best Garage Door Specials in Los Angeles

The garage door installation market around the greater Los Angeles area is one of the busiest and most competitive in the country. Many garage door businesses seeking attention and new clients in the same neighborhoods creates competition and opportunities between the companies.

The positive side to all this variety in choice is that you, the potential customer, can find some amazingly low-priced deals being offered on all kinds of garage door installation specials. However, for every positive there is also a negative, which can come in the form of a below par installation job.

Any profitable business knows that low prices attract attention, especially in LA. Unfortunately, there are only a few garage door installation companies who can validly back these prices up with an exceptionally professional experience that completes the job diligently, while also exceeding the customers expectation.

Los Angeles’ Best Garage Door Installation Service

When choosing which garage door installation company to use, the customer must consider the price and service they will be receiving. Though we cannot speak for other garage door companies around Los Angeles, we can tell you all about our garage door installation specials and our top-quality customer service.

Not only does the Pena Garage Door Company offer some of the lowest priced installation specials around LA. We use only the highest quality materials and offer the arguably best service in the county. Our garage door technicians are fully qualified and experienced in this field and are among the most accomplished in the business.

What is Included in Our Garage Door Installation Specials?

Aside from the low price and exceptional service you are guaranteed as a customer, what else can you expect from a Pena Garage Door installation special?

Tax $$$: Most importantly you can rest assured that ALL taxes are already included in the pricing, so there will be no nasty surprises when it’s time to settle up.

Door Installation: Unlike the small print you find with other garage door installers, our price always includes a full professional installation.

Old Garage Door Disposal: This should be a no brainer, but you’d be surprised what others don’t include in their installation ‘specials’. Here at Pena we always take your old garage door and dispose of it in a responsible manner.

The Best One Car Garage Door Special Available in Los Angeles

With our one car garage door special, you will be troubled to find a better single garage door installation special anywhere in Los Angeles. Not only does this special include our unmatchable full installation service and haul away of old door, but also the following:

A highly durable 8 x 7 ft., 24 gauge non-insulated steel door with a choice of 3 colors to suit any residential exterior; Almond, White, or Brown. All of this is included in our current one car garage door special that is offered at the amazing price of just $550 (and remember that includes all taxes!).

The Best Two Car Garage Door Special available in Los Angeles

Of course, not everyone has just a single garage door especially here in the car centric city of Los Angeles. Many residential homes have two car garages, and so it made perfect sense to extend our deals to include a two-car garage door installation special in addition to our amazing savings!

This two door deal includes EVERYTHING that the above one car special offers, except you get the 24 gauge steel door at 16 x 7 ft. along with the same multiple choice of perfect house matching colors. With a price of $750 (including tax) you can see why it is regarded as one of the best two car garage door installation specials in the whole of Los Angeles.

Take Advantage Of the Best Garage Door Deals in LA Today

Are you ready to take advantage of our amazing specials and have your new garage door installed? Give us a call today and let one of our friendly team members schedule an installation technician to visit at time that suits you.

Here at Pena we do not just offer specials on garage door installations. We are constantly striving to give our customers the best options in town for garage door installation. Feel free to call and ask us about our other specials for any future garage door needs… (800) 960-7362

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