General Safety and Your Garage Door

According to some of the larger garage door and equipment manufacturers, the average residential garage owner in the US uses their door three to four times each day. That would mean, over the year, the door would be going up and down between 1200 to 1500 times. 

When looking at these usage figures most homeowners are usually rather shocked at just how many times their garage door opens and closes for them over the course of a single year! When you start to add it all up the mind really begins to boggle! Another surprise for many is all of the potential safety issues that can be related to each time you use your garage door.

So with all this in mind, we decided to look at a few of the more common general safety issues related to garages and offer a few tips to help avoid these garage pitfalls.

Common Garage related Injuries and Accidents

From a door falling on top of someone to pinched fingers and lacerations on the hand - Health and safety are not to be taken for granted when around a garage. Although extremely rare, fatalities and life-altering injuries can and have happened. Many of these major incidents are caused by a faulty garage door (which is why regular maintenance is so important). 

Most, if not all, of the physical accidents caused by a garage door or one of its components, can be attributed to faulty equipment, shoddy workmanship or lack of user respect and understanding. This is why, although sounding like a broken record to some, any professional garage door and gate company worth their salt will continue to go on and on about the importance of always getting regular and professional servicing/maintenance and garage repairs.

Accidental Garage Door Damage

Accidents are a two-way street and this is no different in the world of Garages and Gates. We humans can just as easily cause a lot of avoidable damage to our garage doors with just a little foresight. The main cause of garage door damage is with our cars/vehicles stored inside the garage. We back (or front end) garage doors with surprising regularity. 

Smashing the doors with our cars can cause a lot of damage and while some accidents are always just going to happen, we could greatly reduce many of them by just staying a little more alert when operating our vehicles in or near to the garage. 

Another tip is to make sure your garage stays organized and tidy - Sometimes it isn't the moving vehicle that hits the door but a stray object inside or just outside the entrance that is outside our range of visibility when moving in a vehicle. Think of all those toolboxes, storage bins and cardboard boxes we store in the garage. 

Stay Alert, Maintain and Use Professional Garage Services

This really has scrapped just the very tip of what to watch out for in garage door health and safety procedures. However, it does cover the main ways one can protect yourself from encountering damage to yourself, loved ones and also cars and other belongings. Never ever take your garage door for granted again! This is the number one rule to preventative action - Staying Alert!

Staying alert also means staying on top of important things like regular maintenance and services for your door. By sticking to regular services you also need to make sure they are worth it. This means using a professionally trained technician to monitor your garage and also carry out any repairs that may be needed. 

By adhering to this unwritten code you will more than likely enjoy many years of no-hassle use of your garage door. 

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