Commonly Encountered Garage Door Repair Problems

Here at the Pena Garage Door company we have dealt with just about every garage door repair problem imaginable. Passage of time, weather, kids, animals, and even sports equipment can all throw your garage door a curveball when it comes to common garage door repair problems.

Sometimes you may be able to fix these problems yourself. However, given the importance of having a reliable and fully functioning garage door, it is important to make sure you let a professional deal with anything you are not 100% confident about fixing correctly. With this in mind, we have listed 5 of the most common garage door problems that would usually require professional garage door repair service. 

1. Broken Garage Door Spring

1. Broken Garage Door Spring

Most garage doors are set up with one or two torsion springs. Should you get a broken garage door spring you will need it professionally repaired as quickly as possible. Apart from the safety issues a broken spring can cause, as garage doors are extremely heavy and unwieldy, there is also the risk of damaging the more expensive parts of your garage door system. For example, it is the garage door springs that do the main grunt work of opening and closing the door. If broken, your garage door opener is going to struggle to operate correctly and most probably get damaged in the process.

Broken garage door springs are extremely common due to the fact they are one of the most used components of your garage door system. Because of this, it is always worth maintaining your garage door springs, and replacing them periodically before they break and cause more detrimental damage.

2. Garage Door Won’t Shut

Having a garage door that doesn’t shut is a genuine problem and needs immediate attention to repair and fix. These inconvenient and potentially costly issues can be caused by a multitude of variables. In order to identify the exact reason why your door isn’t closing and to thoroughly repair it safely requires expertise beyond most DIY’ers knowledge.

To repair a garage door that isn’t shutting properly, it is recommended that you always call in a certified garage door technician who can thoroughly identify any and all problems. By having your broken garage door professionally repaired you will be able to once again open and close it with no issues whatsoever.

3. Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door openers have two types of systems that make up more than 95% of all opener systems; belt drive and chain drive. No matter which garage door opening system you have it is still one of the most complex, and expensive, parts of your garage door setup.

Attempting to fix any problems within either a chain or belt driven opening system should be avoided. You should always contact fully trained garage door repair technicians who have the expertise to fix an opening system without the risk of doing further damage.

4. Broken Garage Door Cable

4. Broken Garage Door Cable

Your garage door will feature different cables depending upon which garage door springs you are using. Whether it is a lift or retaining cable, they are generally heavy duty twisted cables, consisting of multiple strands of galvanized wire. While being able to operate for years without issue, a garage door cable always has the potential to break. And once broken it is highly dangerous to attempt any repair yourself.

A broken garage door cable can cause extra tension on any remaining cables in use. Tell tale signs of this is when the garage door lifts unevenly or even shakily. Should your door malfunction in this manner, cease using it immediately and call your garage door service provider.

5. Getting Your Garage Door Stuck

Getting your garage door stuck could be the result of various and specific garage door problems. It is such a common request with our mobile technicians that we have decided to implement it into our list. A garage door that is stuck is obviously a very real problem and one that has to be dealt with quickly, for obvious reasons such as access and security.

With broken springs, cables, and door openers being just the tip of the iceberg, there are many reasons you may have a garage door that is stuck in some way. Unless you have specialist training, it can be extremely hard to diagnose why your garage door is out of commission. That is why we always recommend our customers get professional help anytime their garage door gets stuck.

A Garage Door Repair Service You Can Rely On

After reading over these common garage door repair problems, do you feel you may need a little help or advice with repairing your garage door? Pena Garage Doors offers fast, friendly and professional help for ALL of your garage door repair needs.

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