All you need to know about Garage Door Opener Remote Controls

Everyone knows what a remote control is and generally what it does. This logic also runs true for garage door opener remote controls and understanding what they do, right? Well, hold on for a moment. Essentially yes, you use them to open and close your garage door. But of course in this modern era of gadgets and the IoE (Internet of Everything), things are just not that simple anymore. With help from a famous movie quote, you could look upon the choice of garage door openers the same as a box of chocolates - Lots to choose from and you don’t really know what you are getting unless you read the small print.

Garage door remotes nowadays have all sorts of features included that supposedly simplify your life, but do they really simplify things? Or are they just adding confusion to one of the most simple of tasks that's performed like clockwork day after day in millions of households across the country? Read on and discover a quick overview of the humble garage door remote written by people who have been dealing with them for over 20 years and know what they are talking about!

There Are Different Remote Models Available

Garage door opener remotes come in all shapes and sizes. If you purchase a new garage door opening system there will most likely be a ‘ready to use’ remote included with it. However, when you inherit something already in use, you may get a remote model completely different from what you were expecting! This is often the case when you move homes and are given the keys along with a very old or odd-looking remote controller that supposedly operates the garage door! Or maybe you were expecting it to do more than just click open and close?

In both of these instances, you can always buy something that suits your needs better - For example, you may wish to purchase a new smaller remote control that can also operate other technology on it. Sometimes you just want to simplify things and get rid of a confusing remote. Whatever you decide upon you can be certain that there is a right remote for you.

When you are shopping for a more suitable garage door remote controller you will most probably want to start looking into universal garage door remotes. But what exactly is a universal garage door remote control? These are remotes that are compatible with most major brands and their garage door and gate opening system models. A great example on offer today comes from Liftmaster in the shape of the 375UT 2-Button U Remote Control.

Buying a Universal Garage Door Remote as a Replacement

Buying a universal remote as a replacement for your garage door opening system provides a convenient, cost-effective way to consolidate the number of remotes in your vehicles, replace lost or broken remotes, or simply provide a better suited remote for you and your existing garage door opening system.

The range of remote models is also pretty spectacular. If, as mentioned above, size is an issue and you are looking for something that can fit in a bag or pocket more easily you will probably want to check out the mini universal remotes, such as Liftmaster’s 370LM Mini 3-Button Remote Control or the ultra-small 890MAX 3-Button Premium Remote Control.

However, if you are more concerned with being able to do more with your remote, then the Liftmaster 821LM MyQ Garage Remote might be more suitable. Imagine receiving an alert if you left your garage open. Or being able to turn on your lights when you’re not home. With the right garage opening system this remote does all of the above and more, such as monitor, open and close your garage door from wherever you are, at any time needed.

Best Selection in Los Angeles

We have just touched on the assortment of garage door remotes available and sometimes it seems rather confusing to decide. Well before you do, why not give us a call at Pena on 1-800-960-7362 and one of our professional and friendly garage tech’s can walk you through some of the options available. All of the models mentioned in this article are available from our online store, along with many more brand name garage door remote controllers. Each one stocked has its own special reason why, and we would be happy to share our expertise on a one to one basis with you so that you can rest assured that you purchase the right garage door remote controller on the first time of trying.

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