How Can Weather Be An Obstacle For Garage Doors?

If you are experiencing a stuck door during cold winters, check your tracks and make sure they are clear of ice. The ice may be blocking the slider and potentially wearing your components at a faster rate.

An Obstructed Garage Door Track

Your Garage Door opens and closes through a combination of pushing, pulling and sliding the Garage Door through a track. If an object lodges in the track’s pathway, the Door may not be able to follow-through with its full movement. Check your tracks to make sure nothing is obstructing the regular flow of your Door.

You May Have a broken Spring or Jammed Pulley

You May Have a broken Spring or Jammed Pulley

Your Garage Door works through a system of springs attached to a pulley to create the necessary force to open a door. Due to the resulting force, those pieces will suffer stress and increase wear. Observe the resistance of the spring and roll of the pulley to make sure they are not getting stuck or losing its durability. Oxidation may also play a factor in wearing the components of your garage door, which will require replacement of those parts.

The Garage Door Might Be Misaligned.

The Garage Door Might Be Misaligned.

If the Rollers on your tracks aren’t aligned with each other, your door will experience resistance from excessive friction, and your motor will not be able to override it. A Noisy garage door will usually be an indication. To ensure smooth operation of your door, make sure your rollers are corresponding to its tracks.

Other Troubleshooting Methods to Repair Your Stuck Garage Door.

There are many other reasons your Garage Door is Not Working. Check the details to make sure the system is working seamlessly, check your garage lock, lubricate your tracks, check for any damages/bends in your Garage Door as that may be hindering the door’s full capabilities.

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