3 Things that all Reputable Garage Door Installation and Repair Companies have in Common 

Wherever you live, chances are if you ever need to find a reputable garage door installation or repair company, you will look online. Even with just the simplest of searches, you will no doubt be inundated with information from numerous firms operating in your area. On the face of things, this is excellent news, as the more competition there is, the better the deal you can expect. Some of these garage door companies will try and get your attention (and, they hope, your custom) by offering prices that just cannot be beaten.

But let’s pause to think for a minute, before we decide to go ahead and take one of these amazingly priced offers. The trouble with any crowded playing field is that you will always find that some of the ‘players’ aren’t at the same skill level as others. Plainly speaking, this means that a crowded garage door installation and repair marketplace will have its fair share of unskilled and downright unscrupulous people. Chances are that these are also the same people who are offering the best-looking deals!

These so-called ‘cowboy’ technicians and businesses can really have a negative effect on all who are involved in the garage door industry. The anger, disappointment, and stress that they can cause to consumers ends up tarnishing all of the reputable garage door companies out there, who are just trying to offer their professional skills at fair prices to all. 

To help you differentiate the bad apples from the good ones, here at Pena, we decided to share the knowledge we have acquired over the years. We will try and breakdown the 3 most important things to look for when deciding on a garage door repair or installation company. 

Garage Technicians Should Always Offer Clarity

The moment you pick up the phone to book an appointment about your garage door you should feel confident and understand precisely what to expect. This includes knowing exactly when your appointment is, who will be arriving and if there are any call out charges. While most reputable companies would never charge a flat call out fee, it has been known in some of the more rural areas, where travel distances can be long, OR for emergency calls late at night, etc.

Once your technician has arrived and looked over the issue, you should be able to expect further clarity on all the details of what is needed to alleviate the issue in full. From maintenance to repairs you can expect to be told everything upfront with no hidden charges or fees that will sneakily appear after the work has been initiated. You should always feel involved in every step of the process.

Professionalism Throughout Any Garage Door Issue

Your garage is the biggest and most obvious entryway into your home. You should be able to complicity trust whomever you allow to work on it. This is why only a reputable garage door company will offer highly trained technicians who are thoroughly professional in all of their interactions with you and your home from start to finish. 

The best way to find professional companies is to thoroughly check online reviews, and listen to verbal recommendations from people you trust, such as friends and family. Another great way to research the overall professionalism of a company is to check their rating with the Better Business Bureau (www.bbb.org).

A Meticulous Work Ethic

Any garage door and gate company worth their mettle should go about their work with a meticulous work ethic. Aside from pure professionalism, as looked at above, a meticulous company or technician will ensure that all their work is performed in a prompt and comprehensive manner. 

This includes being fully knowledgeable and experienced enough to expertly take care of all your garage issues using high-quality tools, and only the highest quality of new parts, if required.

A Reputable Garage Door Company Gives You Peace of Mind

So there you have it… Clarity, Professionalism, and Meticulousness. Combining these three qualities makes for a highly reputable garage door and gate company. Finding and working with these sorts of businesses gives you the sort of peace of mind that is priceless in this modern era. As mentioned above there are different means of discovering the reputable garage door firms. But reviews and word of mouth from trusted individuals and organizations are always the best place to start.

Since the beginning of the Pena Garage Door and Gate company, we have always strived to live by these three qualities in everything we do. With over 20 years of continuing business, we like to think we have got things mostly right, and will continue to offer the best and most professional garage door and gate services possible. Why not contact or give us a call and see for yourself. We look forward to hearing from you (800) 960-7362

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